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News Website update!

Our website Klonken.com has been updated a bit today!

First of all, we have now successfully updated our platform with the latest version of the forum theme and hopefully everything works as intended, but please report bugs / issues directly to us so that we can solve it as soon as possible.

News slider
  • We want all our members (and forum guests) to notice the latest news on the homepage, we have therefore added a news slider where all our forum news will be published in the future.
  • Feeds is a new page where you have easy access to the latest forum news, csgo updates, latest activity and "social interactions". All this in one place.
Forum node icons
  • Just to make the forum look nicer, we have added unique icons for all forum categories.
  • It may not matter to you, but the experience you get on our forum is as important as everything else on Klonken!
New theme
  • We have added Theme 2 as the new default theme. It's darker and got the main menu on the left side instead of in the menu bar at the top. If you still want to use the old theme you can do it by changing the style in your preferences, or at the bottom of the website.
  • We will look into adding a light version of the new theme.

We would appreciate if you give us feedback, not just feedback on the new updates, but all the feedback we get is important to us!

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News New Bhop maps!

We have now released a map update on our Bhop server.
At the same time, we have chosen to reset everyone's points.
If you want to see your current points and all available ranks, you may type !rankmenu in the server chat.

New maps
Please report if you experience any issues on the new maps.
Have fun! 😃

Some videos...

Login to view embedded media
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Login to view embedded media
Login to view embedded media
Login to view embedded media
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News Server changes!

After a few years, one of our server providers decided to shut down the business.
From now on we will rent several new servers from Fragnet instead.
The new servers are located in 🇸🇪 Stockholm, Sweden.

Go to klonken.com/servers if you want to see the full server list.

Closed servers
Retake 05 - MIRAGE
Retake 06 - MIRAGE
Retake 07 - MIRAGE
Retake 08 - INFERNO
Retake 09 - INFERNO
Retake 10 - CACHE
Retake 11 - CACHE
Retake 12 - DEAGLES
Retake 14 - MAPVOTE
Retake 15 - MAPVOTE
Retake 16 - MAPVOTE
Retake 17 - TOP 5K ONLY - MAPVOTE
Retake 18 - DUST2
Retake 19 - OVERPASS
Retake 20 - TRAIN
Weapon Skins - !knife !ws !gloves

New servers
Retake 05 - INFERNO
Retake 06 - CACHE
Retake 07 - ANCIENT (Renamed from Retake 21)
Retake 08 - MAPVOTE
Retake 09 - MAPVOTE
Retake 10 - MAPVOTE
Retake 11 - DEAGLES
Retake 12 - PISTOLS (Renamed from Retake 13)


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News The website has been moved to Klonken.com & New Rules page


Our website has recently been moved to Klonken.com and now the website is hosted on our own dedicated servers. As a result, the performance has improved and the website's response time is much lower than before.

The server portal (formerly https://portal.klonken.nu) has been closed because we no longer need the portal. Instead, we have updated klonken.com/rules where you find useful information for the servers. When you click on "Server Website" in the in-game scoreboard, you will be redirected there from now on.

Our support e-mail is still [email protected] - but we prefer if you contact us via our support page.

If you find any issues, please report directly to us. You can report issues in the support chat or in a support ticket here.

We noticed that the registration via Steam gave an error after the move, which has been resolved!

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News You can now chat with our support


We have reopened the support chat. Here you can get in touch if, for example, you want to report a problem or if you have questions about the shop or membership in the association. The chat is only visible when we are online and available to help you.

Read more about the contact options and see frequently asked questions (FAQ) here.

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News Specialerbjudande när du går med i föreningen!

Välkommen att gå med i Klonken Spelförening idag!
Från och med nu och under hela sommaren bjuder vi på en veckas premium när du kostnadsfritt går med i föreningen (Gå med här). Vi erbjuder självklart även gratis VIP under hela år 2021. Nästa år är det bara att förnya ditt medlemskap i föreningen om du vill fortsätta vara VIP på den här communityn!

All information om vad VIP och Premium erbjuder hittar du på https://klonken.com/shop

Om du redan har gått med i föreningen i år kan du tyvärr inte ta del av erbjudandet, men du kan tipsa dina vänner om att gå med och de kan då ta del av erbjudandet. Tänk på att vi kontinuerligt startar utlottningar och tävlingar för våra föreningsmedlemmar, där du har möjlighet att vinna allt från Premium till presentkort och fina gamingprylar!


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News Enklare att gå med i föreningen!


Nu har det blivit betydligt enklare att gå med i Klonken Spelförening! 😃

Fram till idag har vi haft registreringen via en fristående portal, vilket har inneburit att varje medlem varit tvungen att logga in med Steam för att ansöka om att få gratis VIP.
Nu sker allt direkt på vår webbplats, så allt du behöver är ett konto och sedan går du bara in under Gratis VIP och skickar in dina uppgifter.

Om du vill ha VIP på våra spelservrar måste du fortfarande koppla ditt Steamkonto här, men det finns inte något krav på att registrera dig med Steam för att delta i föreningens utlottningar och tävlingar, samt för att få VIP på forumet och Discord!

Allt gott!

Varma hälsningar
Styrelsen i Klonken Spelförening

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News Get upgrades with 25% discount + HNS graphs are now available!

We have now launched a new system for all premium players on our servers.

If you play on our HNS servers, you can now see your jump records and graphs on our website. We believe that this is a fun and useful feature and that it's easier to improve by keeping track of your performance.

If you are already premium or if you decide to buy premium, you will find a link to the new system at the top of our website.


Until May 23, we offer a 25% discount when you purchase VIP or Premium on our website!

Use these codes when checking out:

VIP25OFF - VIP (1 year)
1M25OFF - Premium (1 month)
3M25OFF - Premium (3 months)
6M25OFF - Premium (6 months)

Have fun!
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News Select Swedish as your language

Klonken is a Swedish community and we want our website to be available in both English and Swedish. So, we have been working with a Swedish translation of our website for hours, days or maybe even weeks.

You should finally be able to change your prefered language to Swedish by clicking on the US flag at the top of the website and select the Swedish flag.

There are some pages, words and sentences that haven't been translated yet. Please report directly to us if you find a bad translation somewhere. You can either do so by sending a private message to Vincent or by opening a new support ticket here.

We are very grateful for your help!

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News New map on HNS Easyblocks - C21_Gurka

Do you like the new release?

  • Excellent!

  • Good, but not my favorite!

  • Far too easy!

  • Do not like it!

Results are only viewable after voting.

We have finally released c21_gurka on the HNS Easyblocks server!

This time we have tried to build very simple and the map includes AWP, AK-47, Deagle, P250, Fiveseven and HE grenade.

We hope you enjoy the release!


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News Premium and new prices

Due to high fees for our game servers, we have decided to increase premium prices and offer multi-year upgrades.

We still offer upgrades cheaper than some of our competitors and we have more than 30 game servers where you get many benefits when you are premium.

By donating, you support our community and helping us to continue with competitions, giveaways and providing game servers.

The new prices are:
1 month Premium - €4
3 months Premium - €9
6 months Premium - €15
1 year Premium - €25
2 years Premium - €45
3 years Premium - €65
Lifetime Premium - €99

Members who have already donated will of course keep their upgrades without any changes.

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News We're looking for admins!


Klonken is a growing CS:GO community with many players and we have a large player base on our Retakes servers!
We need more active administrators on all our servers. If you have been playing on our servers for more than 20 hours and think you have what it takes to be one of us - do not hesitate to apply to the team!

These are the admin requirements
  • You must be at least 13 y/o
  • You must speak and understand english or swedish
  • You must be active on our discord server
  • You must actively review player reports
  • You must be communicative and have an open dialogue with the head administrators
  • You must be commited to the admin role and everything that comes with it
  • You must feel that you want to be a part of making this a better community
  • You must play at least 10-15 hours a month on the servers
We look forward to receiving your application! :)
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News Forum updated

Thanks to everyone for the patience while our forum has been offline for a few days! :)

We have spent several hours adding new features to make this forum a better place. But we are always open for more suggestions, so if you came up with a great idea do not hesitate to tell us about it under Suggestions. If you run into any issue, create a Support ticket and let us know about it.

Here are some updates

  • Forum​

    Our forum has been updated to the newest version. You will notice that many new features came with this update.

  • Groups

    You can now join groups and create your own groups.
    Create an awesome closed group and invite your friends, or allow everyone to join the group (Public groups).

  • Shop

    Our shop has been updated.
    Instead of a Store in a standalone page we decided to move everything to the Account upgrades page.
    It is now easier to see when your upgrade(s) expires and what you get from your upgrade(s).

  • Credits

    We have a new credit system and we will make it possible to earn credits if you are active on our forum.
    We will publish more information regarding this system in a Knowledge base.
    Use your credits to purchase items in our Shop or donate credits to your friends.
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We have opened a 24/7 FJ MODE HNS PRE server with Devblocks, Jukecity, Half and Rooftops in the map rotation!

Join the new server on or s1.klonken.nu:27040

Type !servers on any of our servers to access the new server.


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News KZ Climb Whitelist


We have locked one of our KZ Climb servers and only whitelisted players are allowed to join the server. In order to be able to join the server, you must either send a request to join our steam group Klonken KZ Whitelist (klonkenKZ.se) or get invited to the group.

There is a FAQ thread in the steam group, feel free to read it for more information regarding this server.

Join the server right now: connect s2.klonken.nu:27029