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News KZ Climb Whitelist


We have locked one of our KZ Climb servers and only whitelisted players are allowed to join the server. In order to be able to join the server, you must either send a request to join our steam group Klonken KZ Whitelist (klonkenKZ.se) or get invited to the group.

There is a FAQ thread in the steam group, feel free to read it for more information regarding this server.

Join the server right now: connect s2.klonken.nu:27029

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News Our FASTDL has been moved

Today we have moved our FastDL due to the fact that our previous service provider is moving our services. If you have experienced errors during the day and been kicked for "Missing map" it is related to this.

It may take a while before the DNS settings are completely updated. So if you still can not connect to our game servers, try again later.

Enjoy your stay at Klonken! :)


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News Registration without Steam

Some players do not want to create an account on our site with Steam because some sites may change their Steam Web API Key and steal their skins. We have activated registration without Steam so that everyone has the opportunity to register without feeling that they are risking anything.

We also want to inform everyone that you must link your account on our site with your Steam account to be able to get VIP and Premium on our servers. The reason for this is that your account on our forum is connected to the game servers.

If you choose to use your Steam account:
When logging in / registering on new websites, make sure your "Steam Web API Key" remains blank (https://steamcommunity.com/dev/apikey). If you discover a key and a domain name you do not recognize, remove it immediately.


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News We are looking for admins!


Klonken is a growing CS:GO community with many players and right now we have a large player base on our Retakes servers. But we need more active admins on all our servers. If you have been playing on our servers for more than 20 hours and think you have what it takes to be one of us - do not hesitate to apply to join our team!

These are the admin requirements
- You must be at least 13 y/o
- You must speak and understand english or swedish
- You must be active on our discord server
- You must actively review player reports
- You must be communicative and have an open dialogue with the head administrators
- You must be commited to the admin role and everything that comes with it
- You must feel that you want to be a part of making this a better community
- You must play at least 10-15 hours a month on the servers

We look forward to receiving your application! :)

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We are once again testing an FFA DM server! 😄

Kill enemies with Headshot to get more HP. You also get ammunition replenishment for each kill.

Type !fade to toggle on/off the blue fade screen on kills.

The default is 1 player + 9 bots. When another player joins the server, a bot is kicked. So there should always be at least 10 players on the server.

The spawns are not good (we know that). If you have other suggestions, don't hesitate to share them with us: https://klonken.nu/forums/suggestions/

Map rotation: de_cache, de_inferno, de_mirage
Stats page: https://stats.klonken.nu/csgo2

Join the server: connect (server info)

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News Moneymod levels!

These are our new Moneymod levels for HNS Easyblocks

level19000.png 0/16 - Unranked
level19001.png 1/16 - Silver 1 (5 kills)
level19002.png 2/16 - Silver 2 (50 kills)
level19003.png 3/16 - Silver 3 (100 kills)
level19004.png 4/16 - Silver Elite (250 kills)
level19005.png 5/16 - Gold 1 (500 kills)
level19006.png 6/16 - Gold 2 (750 kills)
level19007.png 7/16 - Gold 3 (1000 kills)
level19008.png 8/16 - Gold Elite (1250 kills)
level19009.png 9/16 - Ruby 1 (1500 kills)
level19010.png 10/16 - Ruby 2 (1750 kills)
level19011.png 11/16 - Ruby 3 (2000 kills)
level19012.png 12/16 - Ruby Elite (2250 kills)
level19013.png 13/16 - Sapphire 1 (2500 kills)
level19014.png 14/16 - Sapphire 2 (2750 kills)
level19015.png 15/16 - Sapphire 3 (3000 kills)
level19016.png 16/16 - Sapphire Elite (3500 kills)
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News New Retakes - MI/CA/INF

We have opened a new Retakes server with Mirage, Cache and Inferno in the map rotation. The time limit is set to only 30 minutes. We may increase the time in the future.

Welcome to join the new server, Retakes #10: connect

Of course, you can type !servers on our servers to access the new server.


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News [HNS] Moneymod reset & updates

Finally an early Moneymod reset on our HNS Easyblocks!

We have also added
  • Points
  • Point blocks
  • Stats pages
  • HNS Ranks in the Moneymod
  • Achievements (money/points) when reaching a new rank level
  • New maps
  • ...and more!
Connect to


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News Deathrun

We are pleased to announce that we have opened another server, Deathrun! 🤫😈

A terrorist is randomly selected every round. The terrorist can choose between "Normal run" or "Free run" at the beginning of the round (10 seconds). There are many traps on the maps, as a counter-terrorist should you try to avoid them. So your mission is to stay alive and complete the map!


Feel free to send suggestions here, and please report bugs in the Deathrun forum! Enjoy your time on our servers.
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News Servers (after IP change)

Arena (1v1) ▸
Bhop ▸
HNS Easyblocks ▸
MG Course ▸
KZ Climb (Global) ▸
Retakes #1 - INFERNO ▸
Retakes #2 - MIRAGE ▸
Retakes #3 - MIRAGE ▸
Retakes #4 - MIRAGE ▸
Retakes #5 - CACHE ▸
Retakes #6 - CACHE ▸
Retakes #7 - PISTOL ▸
Retakes #8 - MAPVOTE ▸

Full list here: https://klonken.nu/servers/

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News HNS PRE #2 closed

We have decided to close our HNS PRE #2 server located in 🇩🇪 Frankfurt, Germany - instead we will open another HNS server very soon!

You are still welcome to play on our main HNS PRE server located in 🇸🇪 Stockholm, Sweden! IP: hns.klonken.nu:27015

We will definitely keep you updated and you can expect more info about the new project in a few days.

If you have any suggestions for our servers or maybe for a new server, feel free to post your suggestions here: Suggestions

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News Two new Retakes! (Mapvote)

Server information
Klonken.nu - Retakes #7 Mapvote
Slots: 10
Timelimit: 30 minutes

Klonken.nu - Retakes #8 Mapvote
Slots: 10
Timelimit: 30 minutes

Join the servers with connect <ip> in your console!

Chat commands
!nominate, !rtv, nextmap


- de_cache

- de_dust2

- de_inferno

- de_mirage

- de_nuke

- de_overpass