Banned from our servers?
We recommend that you appeal the ban, but keep in mind that we will most likely not lift any permanent bans for cheating. You may purchase unban up to three times in the store.
We want to keep providing game servers in the future. We have thus launched an online store where you can purchase VIP packages, unban, and sometimes additional things such as virtual store credits, custom server skins, etc.

Reserved slot
All our servers have at least two reserved slots, which allows you to play on our servers even when they are full. Use the reserved slot in the console by typing "connect IP:PORT".

Vote commands
By donating for VIP+, you also get access to votes. You can then initiate a vote slay, kick, mute or gag against players who misbehave on the servers.

Tags & Skins
If these benefits are not enough for you, you will also get access to lots of custom skins, agent skins, custom knives and a VIP tag!
If you are a Swedish citizen, you may Join the association and get a VIP membership for free all year round.