What is Klonken?
Klonken ("Klonken Spelförening", "We", ”You”, ”Our”, "Us") is a non-profit association that promotes the playing of e-sport games. The association's target group is mainly young people between 13-26 years old and we have several game servers on Counter-strike: Global Offensive. We are affiliated with Sveriges roll- och konfliktspelsförbund, Sverok.
What is Sverok?
Sveriges roll- och konfliktspelsförbund (”Sverok”) is a non-profit organization and youth association with over 50,000 members in more than 1,700 associations in Sweden. Young people get the chance to run their own association and create some form of business together.
Why are we connected to Sverok?
Klonken needs a stable economy so that we can continue to provide game servers, arrange competitions and so on. To make this possible, we have started our own non-profit association which we have connected to Sverok. Every year we receive membership grants to run activities for our members. The membership fee goes, among other things, to maintaining our forum, game servers, giveaways and competitions.

Membership in Klonken Spelförening

What are the requirements to become a member?
This is a Swedish gaming association, which means that you must have Swedish citizenship and a Swedish personal identity number to be able to join. You must approve the association's statutes and enter your personal information in our member register.
Why do you need my personal identity number?
The condition for us to be able to receive membership fees from Sverok is that we can report that our members are real. The information is added to our member register at Sverok, where the information may be stored for up to three years. We are responsible for ensuring that your personal data is treated with care and that this data is not passed on to another party, without your consent.
How do I become a member?
Becoming a member of the association costs nothing, is easy and only takes a few minutes. Start by logging in or registering on the forum and then go under Membership to start your application.
What do I get as a member?
Our members have the right to participate in annual meetings and vote on the proposals presented. Our members can also participate in competitions, giveaways and other activities for our members. As a thank you for being a member of Klonken Spelförening, we offer free VIP all year round. When you become a member, you get VIP on the forum, the game servers and Discord.
Can I leave the association?
We obviously think it is sad if members choose to leave the association. We follow the Data Protection Ordinance (GDPR) and we will remove personal data if it is requested by the member. If you want to leave the association, you must follow the instructions specified in our privacy policy.
What rules apply in the association?
We have specific statutes with rules that all of us must obey. You can read them here.


When will I receive my upgrade?
Via the payment method PayPal, the account is upgraded immediately. If you choose to use Swish, you need to create a support ticket, otherwise it may take up to a week before you receive your upgrades.
Why is my upgrade not working on the servers?
If you have an upgrade on the forum, you must associate your Steam account under Connected accounts for your upgrades to be active on our game servers. If it still does not work, try reconnecting to the server or try again later. If it still does not work after 24 hours, please contact our support.
Why can I no longer initiate a vote?
If we suspect abuse, we will remove your access to start a vote (gag/mute/slay/kick).
I accidentally chose the wrong upgrade, can you help me?
If the transaction has already been completed, you have 24 hours to create a support ticket where you explain that you accidentally chose the wrong upgrade, and we will adjust it. Please note that we do not refund anything.
I changed my mind, can I get a refund?
The donations we receive are non-refundable. PayPal chargebacks or attempts to resell upgrades lead to a ban from our platforms.

Game Servers

Where can I find the servers?
Our servers are available under: Servers.
What are the rules on the servers?
We have general rules that apply to all our servers, in addition, there are some additional rules for specific servers. Our rules are available under: Rules.
A player cheats, can you do something about it?
Report players to our administrators by typing !report in the server chat. If an administrator is available, you may get help immediately, otherwise we will review the report as soon as we can. If possible, feel free to save evidence and send it to us.
Where can I send evidence of a violation?
Our administrators receive evidence on Discord (verify yourself and open a new ticket in the channel #create-ticket).
It is also possible to send the evidence to our support.


How much time is left of my ban?
Search for your ban under Bans or Commbans
I'm falsely banned, can you help me?
If you believe that you have been falsely banned, you need to contact us with a ban appeal. We only accept these cases there and we want you not to contact us privately.
A friend played on my account and got banned, can you help me?
Unfortunately, it does not matter whether it was you or someone else who got banned on your account or on the same network. We do not remove bans because someone else has violated the rules. If you no longer want to be banned, it is better if you submit a serious appeal and explain the situation.
I want my ban lifted, can you help me?
You need to contact us with a ban appeal. We only accept these cases there and we want you not to contact us privately.
Please note that it is unlikely that the ban will be lifted if you have used cheats on our servers.
I'm permabanned, does that mean I can never play on Klonken again?
We rarely lift permanent bans, but you are welcome to connect with another Steam account 6 months after you were banned. Then you get a new chance to play on our servers.

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    Our serveradmins can help you in a support ticket on Discord. This is a good option if you want to report a rulebreaker or get general support.

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    If a serveradmin can not help you with your ticket, you should choose another option!

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