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What is Klonken?
Klonken ("Klonken Spelförening", "We", ”You”, ”Our”, "Us") is a Swedish gaming association and community with CS:GO servers. Today, we are hosting more than 20 community servers in CS:GO from data centers in Germany.

We are affiliated with SVEROK, which makes it possible to finance our community, arrange giveaways/competitions and to continue to provide game servers. Every year we receive grants from the Swedish state for all our Swedish association members.

This community also depend on donations. We have our own virtual store where you can get VIP and Premium upgrades and support our community.
What is SVEROK?
SVEROK is a non-profit organization and youth association with 44,000 members in 1,700 associations in Sweden. Young people get the chance to run their own association and create some form of business together.
Why is Klonken affiliated with SVEROK?
Klonken needs a stable economy to be able to continue running this community. To make this possible, we started our own non-profit association. Every year we receive membership grants from SVEROK. The money goes, among other things, to maintaining our forum, game servers, giveaways and competitions.
How can I play on Klonken?
Go to or to see all our servers. You can also search for Klonken in your steam server browser.
Can I become a Server Administrator?
We are always in need of more server administrators who are committed to our community. Server administrators have a great responsibility and it requires that they have good knowledge of the game. To become a server administrator, you need to meet our requirements and submit an application.

Read more and apply here.


How do I join the association?
Registering on our forum is not equal as becoming a member of the association. Anyone can create an account on the forum, but to become a member of the association, you must be registered in Sweden and have a valid Swedish personal identity number.

Registering in the association costs nothing, it is easy and only takes a few minutes. Start by signing in or signing up on the forum and then visit membership to start your application.
What are the requirements to become a member?
You must have a valid Swedish personal identity number
You must agree to the Statutes
You must submit the Klonken Membership form
What do I get as an association member?
Participate in annual meetings and vote on the proposals presented
Participate in competitions, giveaways and other activities for our members
Get a FREE vip membership all year round as long as you stay as a member
We depend on our members, without them it is not possible to continue to run our organization
Why do you need my personal identity number?
Klonken must show that all registered members are real and not fake, otherwise we can not get money from SVEROK.

The information you enter in the membership form is added to our member register at SVEROK, where the information may be stored for up to three years. We are responsible for ensuring that your personal data is treated with care and that this data is not passed on to another party, without your consent.
When will my application be processed?
New membership applications are usually processed within 1-2 weeks. If you have waited longer than that, feel free to contact us.
Why can I not submit my application?
There are many possible reasons why an application is not sent. Common reasons are incorrect personal information or that the personal identity number is already linked to another account on our forum.

If you have already submitted an application in the last few months, your account may still be restricted. You can only send one application and then a forum administrator needs to approve that you should be able to submit a new application.

If you do not succeed with your application, please contact us and do not forget to give us details such as the error message you receive.
How do I leave the association?
We obviously think it is sad if members choose to leave the association. We follow the Data Protection Ordinance ("Dataskyddsförordningen", GDPR) and we will remove personal data if it is requested by the member. If you want to leave the association, you must follow the instructions specified in our privacy policy.

Store & Upgrades

Why are weapon skins restricted to VIP players?
We run a non-profit gaming association and our servers cost hundreds of euros every month.
We rely on donations to continue to provide game servers and to arrange competitions. We can continue with this due to donations and the money we receive from SVEROK.
When will I receive my upgrade?
Your account should be upgraded within a few minutes.
If 30 minutes have passed since you sent money via PayPal: Contact us and we will look into it as soon as possible.

Credit Card
It may take 5 minutes to 72 hours to receive your upgrade.
Limitations in the payment system makes it impossible to have an automatic system for these payments. If you want an instant upgrade, pay with your credit card through PayPal instead.

Contact us or it may take up to 72 hours to receive your upgrade.
When will I get unbanned?
If you purchase an unban from our store, we will unban you within 72 hours and you can see the ban status here. If you have waited for more than 72 hours, please contact us.
What should I do if I accidentally chose the wrong upgrade?
If the transaction has already been completed, you have 24 hours to contact us and explain that you accidentally chose the wrong upgrade, and we will adjust it. Please note that we do not refund anything.
How do I open the menu in-game?
Type !vip in the chat or bind a key to sm_vip. For example: bind x sm_vip then press x to open the menu.
Why is my upgrade not working on the servers?
If you have an upgrade on the forum, you must connect your Steam account under Connected accounts for your upgrades to be active on our game servers. If it still does not work, try reconnecting to the server or try again later.

If it still does not work after 24 hours, please contact us.
Can I get a refund?
Donations are always non-refundable. PayPal chargebacks or attempts to resell upgrades lead to a ban from our platforms.


How do I connect my Steam or Discord?
Go to Connected accounts and sign in with the account(s).
Can I unlink my Steam or Discord?
Can I delete my account on
Go to Delete account to start the process. Your account will be deleted after 7 days. You can cancel the deletion up until this point. Your content will not be removed.