Declined Admin Application - Paris10k745

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Sep 30, 2020
User name: Paris10k745

734 Paris :/

Discord tag
💔GAY DRUNK💔 745 10k 💔GAY DRUNK💔#1100

Which server are you applying for?

How long have you been playing CS:GO?
I have played cs for 1.2k hours.

Have you been banned or punished on our servers?
No but i got once slapped becuase i funjumped.

Information about you
Im 13 year old boy from finland, im not toxic i like to play lot, and i can speak england and some swedish.

Do you have any admin experience?
Yeah i once had my own server but i didnt like keeping. But i would want to be admin.

Qualities that make you a good administrator
I know all the rules and i would be good admin becuase i would ban for fun, only if they break the rules/do something wrong.

Why should we pick you? What makes you unique?
I think theres not lots of 13 year old finnish admins on klonken hns pre, and im funny, i can make funny voices.


Board Member
Jul 18, 2019
Declined. You have spent less than 20 hours on the server you are applying to.

I don't think you would fit in as an administrator here. The reason for this is that you have submitted a very carelessly written application. For example, you have misspelled your own nickname. You have also written "I know all the rules and I would be good admin becuase I would ban for fun" - I guess you didn't mean that, but you really don't seem ready if you don't even take the time to write correctly. In addition, you should not have submitted an application without meeting the requirements. Nice discord tag btw..... 🤔

We thank you for your interest. If you still want to become an administrator, you are welcome to apply after 2021-01-01
The thread is locked!