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Username: albisons


Steam Profile URL

Discord tag

Which server are you applying for?

How long have you been playing CS:GO?
i have it since 2015. i have like 2.5k hours

Have you been banned or punished on our servers?
No, have been playing them a lot lately

Information about you
Im 15, i play football , im from latvia, i know english very well , i play csgo a lot.

Do you have any admin experience?
No, i did help a friend once on his server, i was admin there for a bit .

Qualities that make you a good administrator
i have high iq, i have very much expierence with Csgo and russians

Why should we pick you? What makes you unique?
Nothing really, im just a regular guy. i like math

Something else you would like to add?
im very smart .


Extend your application so it at least seems like you're interested in becoming a STAFF member at Klonken. This should not be a problem for you to do if you are familiar with english, "...i know english very well"

I can see that you have over 20 hours of playtime on Klonken and you do not have any bans/comms whatsoever, which is great.

This application looks awful right now, so please, if you truly are interested and you really want to be accepted then fill out your application. It is necessary.

Best Regards, Monza


Im 15, i play football , im from latvia, i know english very well , i play csgo a lot. I really like klonken retake servers because retakes are a good way to train in csgo, i always warmup , and even play retakes for fun, i some times just play klonken over a competetive. I also love retakes because you can change all the skins ,Csgo skins are very expensive so the skin changer is a very good thing. I chose klonken over any other servers because i live in latvia which is very close to sweden.I get like 15ping on the servers and there are almost no russians. There are a lot of servers so i usually dont have to wait long to get a spot when i play. The main reason i wanted to get admin is because i have met a lot of toxic people who i think should get muted for like some time. And the secong reason being i saw klonken was looking for admins, i think i can help with that. :)


It's good that you extended your application, but i would really like to know more about what your qualities as an admin would be. Write more about why we should pick you


I would say im very organized, i like to be organized and take everything to detail. I`d say im focused all the time, i take retakes seriously because i know that people actually try to grind ranks and i just dont wanna be the bad teammate. I am very comunicable and im not scared to talk to people, an admin definetely should be someone who talks. I would say that im not easily offended by some toxic guys. that could be a good attribute and a bad one. I just wanna help this server. If it needs admins i can be one. I have played this server a lot, this is a way from my side to help it, not my buying vip but being an admin. I have almost no expierence with adminstrative work, thats bad but that would help me in my life alot, because im only 15 and it would build a lot of practical skills


Why didn't you write this at the beginning in your application, this is a much better application then before. Out of this information and what you have written i'm going to give you a +rep
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Hello, Im not rushing this, but its been 5 days since the last message. I hope i get the lest response .
No hate, Albisons.


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Hey there,

Your application could've been more professional by checking over your grammatical errors and fixing them, it's the content of your application that is important but just thought I'd mention it since you state that "...i know english very well".

You seem to be immature and therefore toxic just by taking a deeper look into your chatlogs. On multiple occasions, you spam the chat with copy-paste messages, straight up disrespect people by saying "... you pig" "your retarded" and "stop crying bitch". You also spam the chat by typing random characters. None of these is a solid backup to your claims "im not easily offended by some toxic guys", "... i just dont wanna be the bad teammate", "I just wanna help this server". The only thing you do is make you seem power-hungry to ban, mute, and punish annoying people on the server that just bother you.
I'm giving a -rep because of this, you're still in an age where you're growing up and becoming more mature but get a grip and cut the immaturity on the servers.
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I agree with Arad119 and I have decided to decline your applications!

Continue to play on our servers and treat other players with respect.

You are welcome to reapply after April 24.
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