News Get upgrades with 25% discount + HNS graphs are now available!

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We have now launched a new system for all premium players on our servers.

If you play on our HNS servers, you can now see your jump records and graphs on our website. We believe that this is a fun and useful feature and that it's easier to improve by keeping track of your performance.

If you are already premium or if you decide to buy premium, you will find a link to the new system at the top of our website.


Until May 23, we offer a 25% discount when you purchase VIP or Premium on our website!

Use these codes when checking out:

VIP25OFF - VIP (1 year)
1M25OFF - Premium (1 month)
3M25OFF - Premium (3 months)
6M25OFF - Premium (6 months)

Have fun!
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