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Hi Klonken Gamers,

I started hosting HNS with blocks in CS:GO in the beginning of 2015 and had a very popular server at the time, Counterzone (aka CzoneGaming).

Now, almost 7 years later, times have changed and we want to go back to the feeling of playing HNS in CS 1.6. It was very fun and competitive.

We have been working on a Slowdown mode for our HNS Easyblocks server. The Slowdown mode we want to launch isn't like Slowdown was back in CS 1.6, but more like NoSlowdown (or NSD) was back then. Nowadays all servers run NoSlowdown (NSD) where it is very easy to jump and it feels slow and like you're jumping way too high, at least for this particular gamemode.

There are other established servers out there where you can play the current HNS mode with blocks. So let us open a server that does not exist at the moment.

What do you guys think about this idea? Please let us know and like this post if you believe that this would be great! (y)
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