News This will be a fresh start!


We are soon entering a new year (2022) and we will continue to do our best for this community!

We will start updating some of our game servers, including HNS where we have noticed a lower interest in recent months and we obviously want to show you that we have listened to all your feedback and we want to improve our servers! 🤝

During the year, we have installed systems that ban lots of cheaters in no time (even when our serveradmins have been offline). But to encourage players to spend more time on our servers in the future, there will now be a fresh start on our game servers, which means that we have lifted many bans. More than half of the bans have been lifted and deleted from the ban system. If you want to see your own ban history make sure to connect your Steam account with your profile and go to your bans.

We have lifted / deleted these bans:
  • All expired bans
  • Permanent bans for "Ban evasion" issued before 28 June 2021
  • Permanent bans for "Advertising" issued before 28 June 2021
Anyway, a big thank you to everyone who has spent many hours on our servers in 2021!
We hope you continue to play on our servers.

See you there!

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