News New server! (DM)


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Welcome to join our new server, it is a FFA DM - Free For All, Deathmatch!
Kill everyone on the server, receive points, rank up and have fun.
This will probably be a good server for warmup as you can join the server when you are alone and play against 7 bots, so there will always be at least 8 "players" online.
You will receive points when you kill bots, and you will also lose points when they kill you. The bots are pretty good..... Sometimes...

We use our newest ranking system with our own rank badges. Soon we will also add toplists to our website for all servers where we use this ranking system!

Connect to or

Current map rotation:
  • de_mirage

Useful commands:
  • !menu (or press "G" - drop bind)
  • !rank
  • !top
  • !session
  • !report - !calladmin
  • !vip

See you there!