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Username: bobo


Steam Profile URL

Discord tag

Which category are you applying for?

How long have you been playing CS:GO?
1,390 hrs on this account but my total hours are around 6000

Have you been banned or punished on our servers?

Information about you
I'm 17yrs old and I play Cs:Go. I also do workout in my free time

Do you have any admin experience?
No, not on retake servers but I was a admin on a jailbreak server a few years back

Qualities that make you a good administrator
Well I am a strict admin and I play a lot on the server.

Why should we pick you? What makes you unique?
Like I said I don't play around if people are mean, I am strict and play on the server every day

Something else you would like to add?
Not really


Hey Knaasboi. First of all, your activity on the forum and on the discord channel is weak, we'd appreciate some activity on both from someone who wants to be an admin here at klonken. From your chatlogs i could notice that you're constantly naming other people as "Gay", "Bög" and you use rude sentences as: "käft hora pratar inte med dig". That kind of chat behavior isn't really acceptable from someone who's seriously willing to be an admin.
My tips for you would be: Try to make your chat-writings more friendly and start reading the forum and interacting on both the forum and on the discord channel so we can kind of see for ourselves if you're really interested in being an admin and if you can behave.


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Tack för din ansökan, men det saknas tyvärr både engagemang och information. Vi lär liksom inte känna dig på något vis. Dessutom bör du tänka på vad du skriver i chatten och hur du bemöter andra spelare på våra servrar.

Vi har valt att neka din ansökan i dagsläget, tack för visat intresse.
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