CSGO Got banned falsely

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I got banned for ''bhop hack'' has anybody else had this problem? And ill swear that i havent ever used anything illegal software/script in cs1.6, css or now in csgo.

I was playing on klonken server today trying to make better time and all of a sudden i got banned?


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We do not want to discuss bans in public threads, but I guess this ban was issued on one of our GOKZ servers?

Something is currently broken there, which I suspect is generating "false positives" for the anti-cheat.

We are aware of the issue and we have paused our servers until they release a fix.

I noticed that you sent a ban appeal earlier, I'll keep you updated there when we have more details. But unfortunately we can not lift any global ban, so I recommend that you also appeal your ban to the global team here: https://forum.gokz.org/p/player-rules
The thread is locked