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Discord Role Seperator

Hey! Crackedbhops here, from the HNS Server, and i have an suggestion in the Discord Server. Discord Role Seperators!
What are Discord Role Seperators? And why do we even need them on the Klonken Server?
Ans: Well, the thing is, your servers are management based, with active staff etc.. so i wanted to suggest Role Seperators, because it will make it unique + Clean as a role. And Discord Seperators are roles, that seperate other roles from other roles, examples given to the Administrators on discord! Since i can't put pictures here. And i know, quite random, but could be useful :D
-CrackedBhops (From the HNS server)
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To be honest, I want to have a clean Discord server and I think the changes you suggested for the roles are a bit too much, at least in my opinion. I don't like the use of icons in role names.
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I see what you mean. I have seen them around in other servers but I never liked them (personal preference). Usually it's servers with far too many roles that use these and try to create a better "overview" which doesn't really help in my opinion. We don't have many roles and will most likely keep it that way so in addition to not liking them, we won't need them.
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